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90.7% of businesses in Ireland, are classed as Micro ( officially employing 10 or less people) 

Source: CSO Business Demography 2016

Somehow over the past decade, all business owners, no matter what size, are expected to know everything there is to know about "going online and digital marketing".

This can be a particular challenge for the "Small" or" Micro" business community.  Being a brilliant, experienced baker, gardener, publican, beautician, farmer, retailer ............ you get the idea, is no longer enough, now you have to be "tech savvy" too.

Not all businesses have either the time, the desire or the skills to deal with this increasing requirement. However most do appreciate that if their business doesn't show up on a google search, they don't have a great website or worst case, their business doesn't appear on a mobile phone search, it is going to have an adverse impact on their business.

atnumber22 I offer simple, affordable, flexible support  to get your business set up online in a way that you can manage and develop.


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