4 steps to get set up online

Digital for Beginners

If you are completely new to digital here are my recommended 4 simple steps.
to getting established online.

Let me guide you through the 4 simple steps of setting up and maintaining your presence online . It does not need to be a complicated process once you understand the basics.


Let me help you to get set up online, with a clear structure and a simple plan to follow.


There are 4 simple steps to getting started with Digital Marketing

  1. Have a website – you own this, it is the foundation of everything you do online.

  2. Develop an email list – you also own this and over time, it will add value to any business.

  3. Develop your social media – remember you DO NOT own this and although it is important it can distract your time and resources, with limited return.

  4. CONTENT - How you develop the appearance and originality of your business online 

Your website:

This is where you must start with any online plan, before you go online with a website you  have to purchase a domain name   (your exclusive online name )  this buys you YOUR  OWN SLOT in the online universe. No matter how basic it is, your website is the start point for everything else you do online. You need it to become a company asset with a commercial value


Your email list:

Over time, if you collect the email addresses of anyone who has worked with you or bought a product from you or expressed an interest in your business you will gradually develop a list that can add considerable value to your business.  It is important because YOU OWN your list and it enables you to keep in contact with your clients, or customers.


Social media:

You DO NOT OWN any of your social media!

Although it seems improbable that facebook , Instagram or linkedin will disappear overnight, the digital world changes very quickly, so it is best to think of social media as your newspaper spreading your own message. Concentrate on the website first before you get distracted with social.


This is the key to developing an effective online universe for yourself and your business.

It is learning how to translate your business and your personality online. It takes a bit of practice and you have to learn new skills, for many it is a frustrating process when you begin. 

However you DO OWN your original services, products, brand and business so its in your best interest to learn how to present them online. This is where you have the opportunity to be seen by anyone who is interested in what you do  anywhere in the world!

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