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Why  did I set up a Digital marketing agency in County Clare?

Because you can! Remote working is the way forward.

As for me ( Annabel ) I created and ran an e-commerce business in the UK, contacted all my far flung customers via email and social media, then on moving to County Clare in Ireland recently topped up my experience with a Digital Marketing Diploma.

In the UK I ran my unique business completely online for over a decade and had to learn how create a digital business from scratch, at the same time as learning how to set up and run an enterprise myself.

It wasn’t easy and I learnt my lessons, as most entrepreneurs do, the hard way, by making mistakes and having to be super creative with my resources.

 Prior to running my online business, I had a professional creative background working in the corporate world designing products with major branded merchandise, supplying the UK high street stores, and importing from the Far East.

If you are thinking about taking your business online, there are a great many new skills you will need to acquire, and you must grasp the digital world is fast paced and constantly changing.

However, it is also exciting and rewarding leading to new opportunity and connections often set up in unexpected places and selling to customers in places you had never considered.

There are so many ways you can develop any business by having a digital presence and developing it into a simple digital strategy. To start the process become aware of exactly how often you are using your mobile phone and what you expect to find in the palm of your hand. If your business, no matter what size it is, does not appear on a mobile phone, you are already at a disadvantage.

The reason I am able to help small businesses with Digital marketing  is because I have the experience of running a product based online store, have had to learn everything on the job and can explain the different options in simple terms. I specialise in Digital made simple and accessible for even the most technophobic clients.

I fully understand the frustrations and distractions of introducing new online technology while trying to run a business, increase the profit, watch the cash flow, mind the overheads, manage your stock and stay sane!

If you are planning on going online with your business and could benefit from the experience of someone who has been through the process let me remove the mysteries and do it for you.

For a small investment, I can save you time and prevent you from making potentially expensive mistakes as you increase your audience, and your turnover.

Get in touch to discuss the options of developing your business online.

No scary "techy speak", just a flexible organised versatile approach to help you with your digital Marketing and e-commerce.



(living the Loop Head lifestyle...............)

5 billion Is the the figure the global amount of mobile phone devices is set to pass this year which means 67 % of the world population are now connected digitally.

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