When I started my ecommerce business in 2004, I wish there was a club like this, so now with over a decade of experience setting up and running an ecommerce business I have decided to start one!

Welcome to the:

Ecommerce Owners Club:

The idea of the ecommerce owners club is to create community of entrepreneurs who have made the leap to take their business online and are keen to find out more, learn from other people who are on the same journey and have a safe place to seek out help and support.


“It’s a place where it is OK to say you haven’t a clue about SEO, or are struggling like mad with your stock levels or that have no idea how to find the time to do your social media.”

The majority of online entrepreneurs start out as on their own as a one person band, solopreneurs, mumpreneurs, or maybe developing a “side hustle” out of a craft or a passion while they continue to work.

It can be quite lonely out there, when you bravely set up online and the people you do come in contact with, such as web developers, digital marketing agencies or digital trainers  can be a little intimidating when everything is new and changing very quickly.

Whatever stage you are it is a continuous process, the digital world is fast paced, you will be learning all the time.

Maybe ask the questions they feel they should already know but are afraid to ask.

This is how it works:

  1. You apply to join by sending your contact details and the web address of your online store or service to me on the link below.

  2. I will contact you to arrange a short interview that introduces you and your business to the club members. I then add the lessons that can be learnt from your experience so far. You can see an example here.

  3.  The interview is published in the club, so other members can learn from your experiences, and you gain access to the FREE ecommerce owners Club.

Benefits of becoming a member:

  1. You get to see real examples, of the many ways there are of taking a business online, and get inspired by other business owners.

  2. You can offer advice or take advice from other business owners who are all going through the same process as you.

  3. I will pick out the most requested topics of help required and publish articles or examples of helpful solutions to each topic, all completely FREE for group members:

                                 Real ecommerce owners: Real problems : Real solutions:


                                           I would like to join the ecommerce owners club:  

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