Blogging is it worth it?

“My voice is quite my business is small, why should I bother with blogging at all?”

Its no use telling an already busy small business owner to start a blog and keep it going if they hate writing and are just too pulled around with everything else to find the time. Like a lot of people who are new to the world of digital communication it simply feels like another pressure and one more thing to feel bad about not mastering.

Before you write it off as a waste of your precious resources here are a few constructive reasons why you might reconsider the value of blogging to you as an individual or for your business.

1. There is nothing to stop you:

Except the small voice in your brain that says, “ I can’t do it, nobody will be interested” you can with minimum effort just get set up and start your very own blog. No editors, no waiting around for someone else’s approval, no scary submission process, just your thoughts on your chosen subject straight out from you to, potentially, the rest of the world. A straightforward and FREE way to tell your customers and potential new ones, more about you, and your business.

2. You can apply a filter.

Have you ever shot out a post on social media, or replied to a WhatsApp message rather too quickly and immediately regretted it? So easily done I can guarantee that you have fallen fowl of this at least once or twice. With a blog post you can take a little more time to think about what you want to say, maybe create it and then edit it again the next day, or get someone you trust to check it out, before you press PUBLISH and send it off.

3. If you have passion and knowledge it will shine.

When you are really interested in what you are doing and doing it in your own style, that’s a great place to start. My passion is helping small local businesses to develop digital skills and understand how it can help them to develop and future proof their businesses no matter what they do or how small their business is. Not many Marketing agencies are focused on this Niche, so even though I am a small business working with small businesses I can still create my own audience if they like what I do and am helpful. You don’t have to be the biggest blogger, just be the best at what you do and do it with your own personality.

4. The “techy” bit.

Writing a blog is very good for SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) put very simply…this is when Googles bots pick up information on what you are doing online and register you are a legitimate business and help you to show up more in the digital world. If you can start to include keywords that are relevant to your business in your blogging this works even better.Including blogging as part of your digital offer is one of the most effective ways to get your digital footprint spread further.

If you are prepared to put in the time to tell people more about how you can help them it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

5. Fame and fortune!!

Not many bloggers start out thinking it’s a career move or a way to earn their living, but it can and does happen that some people end up doing exceedingly well in the blogging arena. Its absolutely the wrong reason to start, but you never know!

Known as the #nonscarytechylady I like to encourage those who are a bit, or a lot, techno phobic to give things a try, could blogging about the things you are most interested in be right for you?

Think of it as a much less scary option than doing a podcast or an online video, you have time to think, check and develop your thoughts first and you get the benefit of improved SEO for your efforts as a reward.

Oh and you can do it in your pajamas and fluffy slippers and no one will ever know!

You could ask yourself why you read to the end of this blog post, (or you may be wondering if I am wearing my pajamas,) but you could also think that if you have gathered some helpful, useful and inspiring advise from a kitchen in a tiny community on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean,then why couldn’t the next blog someone reads be all about you and the things you are passionate about.

Is blogging worth it? I think so, set yourself some realistic goals and give it a try.

Its Free, it helps your SEO, you can tell people about your business and passions without fear of making a mistake, and you can do it in your PJ’s.

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