Do you Dare?

Do You Dare?

It’s a very different world for everybody right now, and we are all being challenged to re-think, take a fresh approach, work in unconventional ways, and my favorite PIVOT our businesses.

If you don’t know much about my business here is a brief introduction, atnumber22 was set up to help small businesses to start, develop and improve their digital skills. My ideal customers are those that feel the digital world is one or all the following:

· Downright scary

· Something they should get around to one day

· Best left to someone younger

· Not important or necessary for their business

· Too complicated… too difficult …too much to take on

· Takes away too much time from running your business

· Something you start with great enthusiasm…. but then get stuck

· Something you do but have no understanding of why or if it is working.

If all or any of these points describe your feelings and experience, then maybe I can help you to get started, to plan, to adapt and to focus your digital efforts so you are able to continue with confidence and a better understanding of how and why it is helping to future-proof and improve your small business.

My BIG PIVOT is to use this unique time to develop my contacts and offer my services completely free of charge. With my business hat on, I would like to think that in the long term, this may lead to paid projects, however with my community hat on, it is my preference to invest my time and my skills supporting local small businesses in whatever way I can.

So my challenge to you, no matter what stage you are ( and the more terrified the better!! ) is:


Do you dare take me up on an offer of free digital help and support bespoke to your business?

I can arrange this by phone, email, or on a video conference call.

All you need to do is click the link and fill in the simple form.


If you are concerned about how long the lock down will last, and indeed if your business will survive, maybe it is worth considering how you can keep in contact with your customers and reviewing your digital options, while you have the chance.

When you see someone offer to help you online, it is a very natural reaction to think "REALLY" what's the catch?

So here I am #thenonscarytechylady. Yes I do work in my slippers!

The real version and my alter ego the cartoon version.

If you need some help and support right now with simple digital marketing for your small business, I am willing to help you...... click the link and fill in the form below and if I can help you I will.


Free help for business owners who want to start from scratch, or develop from where they have started,with a digital plan for their small business.


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