My top 5 Digital Predictions 2021 with tips for you to try.

My 5 top tips in Digital this year ..........Yes the Digital world can be a bit FLASH-Y but keep it authentic and you will be OK.

1. Socially conscious message

2. Video & Voice

3. Cutting back

4. Selling on Social

5. Keeping up with ……Social media Changes

1 Socially conscious message:

This is such an important development across Social Media right now that I have put it at number one on my list. What it means is that businesses who use their social space to promote and explain their interest in inclusivity, the environment, a social conscious, sustainability, or any other ethical standards are winning out on Social platforms.

This trend is a great relief and opportunity for smaller businesses. Authentic, individual, socially conscious, local, inclusive, sustainable, and environmentally conscious these trends are working on Social media right now.

The big hitters with impossible lifestyles are no longer of interest, it is no surprise that the Kardashian phenomenon is on its way out.

What you can try:

You can get great results with a smaller audience if you share similar interests and ethics, small and socially engaging is working. Do not be afraid to include your beliefs and talk about what motivates you especially if it is concern for the environment, inclusion or any topic that illustrates your moral compass.

2 Video & Voice

There is NO escaping this trend, writing and photographs are rapidly being replaced by talking and video clips. Instead of creating written content it is becoming much easier to hop onto your social channels and tell everyone what you are up to. This trend is supported by the rapid advances in new technology, the adoption of voice activated control and smart phone technology.

Instead of thinking about social media as your own magazine or newspaper its time to shift your mindset to thinking about your own radio (or podcast) and TV (or video series)

What you can try:

Take a deep breath get out your phone and start to video yourself, or what you do. To begin with keep it short and remember you can always delete and try again.

3 Cutting Back

With so many new changes and options being added to existing social media sites it is not surprising that overload and overwhelm is creating a reaction of reducing the number of channels people attempt to populate. Instead, they are focusing on less and trying to do them in more depth.

What you can try:

Start with one social media channel, preferably the one your clients or customers use, and get confident using it, adapt to new changes as they are introduced and be willing to try everything.

4. Selling Via Social

As a reaction to lockdown, the big boys of social Instagram and Facebook have leapt into the selling space and added relatively simple ways for you to trade via their platforms. This means you can spread your offer over a much wider audience and directly to your followers.

What you can try:

If you have a product-based business, look up Facebook Commerce Manager as your start point.

5. Keeping up with social media developments.

Each major platform has made major changes over the past 12 months and they just keep coming! Its hard to keep up with the changes and some of the platforms are complicated to navigate. Every time a new kid on the block appears, the big boys react and add their own version, for example when Tik Tok started to gain traction, Instagram came up with Reels. The mystique created by Clubhouse prompted Twitter to create “spaces”.

What you can try:

Keep an eye out for new changes and try the latest versions because the social media platforms want their latest ideas to be used and will reward you by showing your posts to more people when you do try their latest invention!

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