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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Would you like to find out how other people just like you, with a passion for what they are doing make the transition and turn their idea into an online business?

I have been interviewing small businesses who have already done it, to find out how they managed, and show you what is ( and isn’t) really required to take the plunge and develop a successful presence online.

A greener Online store for vegan and green products.

Set up by Jodie -Mai Greene, who has just turned 20, during the pandemic and trading so far for just 4 weeks.

Why did you start an online business?

I had a job in Supervalu but left it due to the pandemic. Given a bit of time to think, I realised that I wanted to be my own boss, do a job that means something to me and that I care about. I turned vegan at the age of 17, because of information I had followed online, and my interest in all things sustainable developed further from there. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find the type of products that matched my interest and beliefs in Ireland and thought it was a good opportunity to fill that gap and provide all the things I couldn’t find.

What platform is your website?

I had no IT skills at all, I even had to borrow a lap top, so decided that it would work for me to set up on Shopify as everything is already put together for you and I wouldn’t have to go to different places to get set up. I can run it from my phone which is great to get started.

How do your customers find you?

I have only been set up for a month and by using facebook and Instagram and contacting all of my family and friends have already attracted 1000 followers on Instagram and received orders both on and offline.

What is the best bit about your business?

I have got orders going out so quickly, when I pack up the boxes and see my logo on the back as they are posted out it feels a bit surreal, as though it belongs to someone else! But I do feel proud and excited.

What is the worst bit of the business?

Learning how to cope with all the different products and not being sure which ones will sell or weather I have the right stock, especially the food products with sell by dates.

What has been the biggest surprise?

I can see from the Shopify analytics that people have already visited by site not only from Ireland but from USA, Poland, France Spain and the UK, in-fact we have already sent our first order overseas to the UK. I never imagined that the site would be of international interest, and certainly not as quickly.

What do you wish you had known when you started?

I wish someone had told me it is much easier to do that it looks, I found that shopify was really easy to set up once I got started.

What can you learn from A Greener

There is no age limit to becoming an online entrepreneur: Jodie has started aged 19 with no outside support, she worked out the route that suited her skill level and was not put off because she had no IT background.

Niche market : By picking a niche market that she feels passionate about then realising that it is of interest to a growing number of people and that it is difficult to get hold of the type of products she is supplying, Jodie has already got an advantage online.

Social media: in this case, because Jodie has tapped into a market where there is a lot of interest Instagram had been a great way to spread the word, without spending anything on advertising Jodie has got her business noticed and created buying customers.

Speed: Jodie was concerned that it had taken her a few months to get started, but any business takes time to set up, and to be fully store ready from scratch in a few weeks when you have never done it before illustrates how attainable it is to make the leap of faith and start your online journey.

Have a look at the site A Greener World website here .

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