Who's Zooming Who?

A useful simple guide for Zoom virgins .

If you have been hearing about Zoom lately but have never tried it this is my simple guide to get you started, it is a FREE way to meet up with your friends online and seems to be more popular than Skype as it is generally more reliable and for small businesses is a great online tool.

Try it out with your friends first to get used to how it works, speak to your family and see what they are up too during lock down, as you get more confident why not have some fun and arrange an online Happy Hour or even a reunion!

Here is my very simple guide to getting started and set up on Zoom, so you can arrange virtual meetings with your friends or for your business.

How to get set up to receive a Zoom meeting if you have never done it before.

1. Go to Google and tap in Zoom to find their website.

2. Select where it says SIGN UP FOR FREE and fill in your details. It is quite easy to follow the sign in Instructions. You can also sign in with Facebook or Google if you are used to doing that way.

3. Once you have signed up you can decide if you want to use Zoom on your laptop or your phone ( or both ) First you need to download the applications to your laptop or phone. On your laptop, look for “Resources” and “Download Zoom Client” to find the downloads. Select Zoom Client for Meetings and press the blue Download button. If you prefer to download Zoom onto your phone look it up in your phone app store.

4. For personal use this is all you need . It will allow you to arrange as many meetings as you want with up to 100 people at a time for 40 mins completely FREE of charge. For small business owners who may require longer meetings with more facilities there are further options, but you can still do a lot completely free of charge.

Now you have Zoom set up try it out with a good friend first so that you are relaxed if you get stuck or it goes wrong and you can work it out together.

If you find this guide helpful pass it onto your friends and remember to like my facebook page. If you get stuck I will help you to get started call me on 085 250 9546 #thenonscarytechylady

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